With the clocks going back this weekend, it’s time to brace yourself for the dark nights and even dark mornings. The change of the clocks is a symbol that winter has officially arrived, and it’s time to make sure you’re stocked up on the essentials.

Whether you’re doing a lot of travelling over the next few months or you’re staying put, the winter season can have its challenges, and dealing with the simplest things like a power cut or a broken down car can seem more daunting.

With that in mind, it’s important that you have the right kit with you to get you through the dark, cold season. Maglite torches are here to do just that.

The history of Maglite

Introduced in 1979, Maglite torches were originally created for the public safety sector, including police officers, firefights and mechanics. The first Maglite torch was rugged and made from anodized aluminium, creating a reliable and hard-wearing torch to use on-the-go. It changed the portable lighting industry forever.

Its successor was a rechargeable flashlight, which became one of the most powerful rechargeable torches of its size. Soon after, in 1984, the Mini Maglite AA torches were launched and quickly set the standard for personal size torches. 3 years later, the smaller Mini Maglite AAA torch was introduced, which was perfect for industrial and medical applications.

Finally, the Solitaire AAA torches were launched in 1988, designed for keychains and purses.

The torches have been honoured by organisations such as the Japan Institute of Design, the Museum for Applied Art in Germany and the Wall Street Journal.

The rechargeable MagCharger

Over the last 35 years, Maglite has produced numerous models of its torches and continued to innovate its products. In 2013 the company released an LED version of the MagCharger, a model that was originally launched in 1982.

The rechargeable Maglite MagCharger LED torch has become a flagship product, created with personalised settings, multi-modes and the familiar anodized aluminium construction. It can emit an ultra-bright 643 lumens, with a beam length of 407 metres.

Maglite torch
With numerous light modes available, the MagCharger can offer high power, low power, eco mode, momentary mode and strobe mode for various effects. It has also been created with an advanced focus system, to easily switch from spot to flood beam.

The long-lasting battery is able to provide 37 hours of light when used in eco mode, and 4 hours when on high power.

So, whether you find yourself stuck by the road in unfavourable weather, or the house has been plunged into darkness, having a trusty Maglite torch to hand seems like a no-brainer.

At BuyaBattery, we stock a full range of Maglite LED torches, ideal for a range of applications whether you are a professional or simply just want a good torch to keep in the car or house.

We can also supply Maglite spare bulbs and other accessories to ensure your torch remains in great working condition.