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5 Must Have Electronics for Travelling

It’s nearly that time of year again where we begin to think about jetting off for a summer holiday. The good weather helps to get us in the mood for a week of proper sun or even a couple of months of travelling. Travel essentials are often the things we forget every time we go away, despite how important they can be while you’re away!

Here at BuyaBattery we know which electronics for travelling could come in useful and which products should definitely have a place in your suitcase! Here are just a few.

Portable phone charger

If you’re planning to be out and about a lot, exploring your new surroundings and soaking up the culture of a different city, you might not always have access to mains electric. A portable phone charger can be the perfect accessory to have in your bag, keeping your phone topped up at all times.

High capacity chargers are able to charge your phone between 2 and 4 times, so hopefully you’ll never be caught with a flat phone battery while you enjoy yourself!

Digital camera

Perfect for capturing all the best moments and even once in a lifetime views, a holiday or travelling trip is nothing without a camera to help you remember everything! A camera should definitely be on the list of essentials. Despite phone cameras being high quality, you can’t beat snapping your holiday through the lens of a proper camera!

Make sure you have a good quality digital camera battery that is up to the task of lasting long enough before you have access to a charger!

Travel adaptor

Probably one of the most forgotten things when shopping for holiday essentials is a travel adaptor for your desired destination, meaning you have to buy an expensive one from the airport.

Travel adaptor sets from BuyaBattery are perfect to have in your top drawer ready for next time you jet off, with a collection of changeable mains plugs for the likes of Europe, America, Australia and Asia. These handy little sets are perfect to help you keep your phone, tablet or other electronic devices charged up.


While you may not be convinced how necessary a torch will be on your travels, we can guarantee you’ll use it at some point! A torch is always a convenient product to have in your backpack or suitcase, even if you aren’t necessarily camping.

A good quality torch will have a great battery life and bright bulb to ensure it works perfectly for when you need it!


Keeping yourself entertained while you are travelling between destinations is a must; most people will turn to their iPod or MP3 player to help them pass the time. A great solution while you are sat on a long train journey or during a flight, but make sure you have the right cable to keep it charged up.

A USB charging cable for your music player will come in incredibly useful in helping to keep your device charged at all times.

For all your electronic accessories, visit our extensive range of high quality products!

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