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New Procell Batteries for the Professional Market

A new range of professional alkaline batteries have been launched by Duracell. Procell, the new and improved replacements for Industrial by Duracell are now available from a dedicated team of B2B distributors throughout the UK.

Replacing professional batteries can create a significant cost for many businesses, with many companies spending resources on purchasing batteries and paying the cost of labour to replace them. Instead, Procell batteries have been designed to help professional end users focus on the driving profitability of the business.

The new range of professional alkaline batteries are specifically designed and packed for businesses, government organisations, genuine trade customers and professional end users.

Procell batteries

Professional alkaline batteries for businesses

The range of Procell batteries are longer lasting alkaline batteries than previous Duracell Industrial batteries, specifically designed for professional devices. Procell is a premium brand focused exclusively on the professional market, creating a unique proposition for batteries for businesses.

Created with the purpose of reducing the number of battery replacements, businesses can instead improve profitability. There is a full range of Procell alkaline batteries available, including AAA, AA, C, D and 9V sizes.

Procell batteries

Manufactured with superior cell design (vs prior Industrial alkaline batteries), the range of professional Procell batteries offer quality, reliability and high performance for your business and industry needs.

The batteries are tested to guarantee the highest quality, including environmental testing to ensure dependable and consistent use. Procell batteries are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 54°C.

The Procell battery range is supported by unrivalled technical expertise to meet your company’s professional battery needs. The Procell brand invests in market research and lab analysis in order to further understand professional users and devices.  In turn, this means Procell professional customers have access to the best solution for their power needs.

Popular users of professional Procell batteries

There are a number of industries that would specifically benefit from the use of Procell batteries.

The TV & Film production companies will remember the previous Procell range and continue to demand the best for their equipment. Sound and Vision experts, theatres and event organisers are all set to benefit from these new improved batteries.

Security equipment installation and service engineers, calibration companies, hygiene companies replacing large amounts of batteries will all see the steady improvements made by Duracell.

The hospitality sector, including the likes of hotels, would be able to power its door locks motion sensors, smoke detectors and remote controls with Procell batteries.

The medical industry, hospitals and hospices, may benefit from Procell batteries for important devices such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pulse oximeters.

Our current customers also includes Borough Councils, schools and academies, Police and Fire & Rescue departments. Instant credit accounts can be set up for all Government organisations.

The new range of Procell batteries are available here, a proud member of the dedicated team of trade and B2B distributors. Here at Buyabattery we also offer technical expertise, and our knowledgeable team are here ready to answer any questions or to guide you to the right product.

To find out more about the new professional range of batteries, get in touch today.

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