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Preparing For The Dark Days of Winter

Like it or not, now the clocks have gone back and the days are getting even shorter, it’s getting darker earlier, and whilst a couple of months ago, we were out walking the dogs in the sunshine at 6pm, now we can’t see two feet in front of us. Yes, folks, it’s wintertime, but don’t let the darkest nights keep you in – there are plenty of innovative ways to ensure you’re able to get out and about in the evenings.

Walking the dogs
Your faithful friend shouldn’t be neglected in the winter – dogs still need exercise and love roaming about in the dark. Keep track of him with a high-vis collar and take a torch out with you. Don’t forget batteries for your LED torchlight though, as not only will it make it easier to find your pet, but it can also provide a great source of amusement as your pet tries to ‘catch’ the light.

Cycling fun
Winter doesn’t have to be a sedentary time of year – why not get a group together and go cycling? As long as you have cycling lamps with charged up batteries and your reflectors shining brightly, you can have a great ride around your local area – or even specialist bike tracks!

Taking the kids out
If you’ve got kids, the likelihood is that they’re going to choose the PlayStation over a trip outside – especially when the nights turn darker. Sneaky parents have a better option though - with a head torch and video camera (again with video camera batteries fully charged!) you can film your winter adventures and they can start their own vlog!

Want to be like Bear Grylls this winter? Why not challenge yourself and your family to a camping trip, but ensure to take plenty of warm clothes and battery powered heaters with you (yes they do exist). Winter camping trips are cheaper, and some would say more exciting than in Summer, and there’s always the notion of drinking hot chocolate and sharing stories whilst wrapped up in your toasty tent to keep you warm.

Winter’s not all about staying in and hibernating – so get the batteries charged and get out there to find your own winter adventure – we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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