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Professional Led Lenser P7

The aim of most light manufacturers is to produce a torch with maximum light output while maintaining minimum energy consumption and with the use of a Dynamic Switch the Led Lenser P7 appears to have achieved this. The Led Lenser P7 torch is an all purpose flashlight incorporating a range of modern technology, weighing 196g and measuring in at 135x37mm. This professional torch uses 4xAAA alkaline batteries with a burn time of up to 64 hours and a luminous flux of 200. The max watt for the Led Lenser P7 is 4.45.

The Dynamic Switch allows for three levels of brightness; turbo mode providing 130% brightness, economy mode offering 15% brightness and power mode supplying 100% brightness. With a patented Advanced Focus System which is arguably the best in the world, there is a combination of a reflector and lens to almost tailor-make light. Suitable for professional applications, this Led Lenser P7 also comes with Speed Focus technology, allowing the user to control the position of the focus by moving the lamp head with one hand. With the choice between a circular spotlight which is perfect for reading or a close-up range, or a sharply focused beam improving long-distance light, the Led Lenser P7 is part of a High Performance line available now at buyabattery.co.uk, approved LED Lenser stockists.

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