Energizer as a brand has always been known for exceptional performance, utilising the latest technological innovations to deliver power solutions for high tech devices. So, when it comes to choosing the right battery brand for the job, Energizer should definitely be in the running.

With a history spanning back to the 1890s, Energizer first emerged on to the battery market under the name of the National Carbon Company. They were responsible for creating the first commercially available battery in America in 1896.

National Carbon Company eventually became Eveready before changing its name; two names you might recognise more than the original. Energizer went to to release a number of firsts; the first 9V battery, the first commercial watch battery and the first cylindrical alkaline battery.

Creating performance-driven lithium batteries

In 1992, Energizer released the world’s first AA lithium battery, using a different chemistry to create power. Over the years, Energizer’s continued innovation has resulted in better battery design and impressive features, in order to deal with today’s demand for portable power.

The Ultimate Lithium range offer long lasting power for high tech devices, while weighing in at 33% lighter than alkaline batteries. Impressively, the Ultimate Lithium AA battery has set the world record for the longest-lasting AA battery in the world.

Energizer Ultimate lithium battery

This ties in nicely with an update in packaging. Energizer is updating its package design for the range, as seen above.

Ultimate Lithium batteries have been designed with a number of notable features, reflecting the brand’s use of technology and innovation. The batteries are able to operate in extreme temperatures, covering a range of -40 to 60 degrees. They have a leak-proof design that has been created to make it safer to handle and use the Energizer Ultimate Lithium range.

The range can hold its power for up to 20 years, meaning they are able to retain their power even when sat on a shelf and not in use. If you’re looking at the Ultimate Lithium 9V battery, you’ll be pleased to know it lasts up to 65% longer in smoke detectors, when compared to Energizer standard alkaline batteries.

Environmentally friendly power solutions are slowly becoming a priority of many battery manufacturers. By using Ultimate Lithium batteries, you can help to create less waste. When compared with Energizer MAX batteries, you need less Ultimate batteries to create the same power. In turn, this means you are throwing away or recycling less batteries over time.