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Top Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained at Home

It might have already felt like a long year thanks to lockdown, but the summer holidays are here already. This means the kids will be running riot at home for another 6 weeks, and no promise of jetting off for a summer holiday. With that in mind, it’s time to stock up things to keep the kids entertained and keep you sane!

Toys and gadgets

While shops and restaurants are starting to return to normal, you might still feel wary of being out and about. It can be helpful to make sure you’ve got plenty of things in the house that can keep the little ones entertained.

No matter how old your children are, there’s a toy or gadget to keep them occupied for hours. From games consoles to card games, consider investing in a few family games but also toys they can play with on their own or with siblings. After all, you will probably need some peace and quiet!

When buying a new gadget or toy, you can bet it needs batteries. More often than not, batteries won’t be included. Order the battery sizes you need and avoid the tantrum that results from giving them a toy that doesn’t work yet!

Get baking

The nation experienced a shortage of flour during lockdown, so if you can get your hands on some, keep the kids busy for a few hours by making and decorating all kids of cakes and sweet treats.

Banana bread has been a huge favourite over the last few months, but the choices are endless. Get involved with the tricky bits and then let the kids go wild with decorating. If you haven’t dusted off your baking equipment in a while, check the batteries in your weighing scales before you start, or you could be in for a disaster.

Spend time outside

The British summer doesn’t always come with great weather, but it pays to have your garden in tip top condition for when the temperature does decide to rise! It’s important to get your kids out in the fresh air every now and again, even if you don’t feel like leaving the house much at the minute.

If you haven’t been out in the garden for a while, check your garden solar lights are still working. They can make a huge difference in the summer evenings. We’ve got a huge range of solar light batteries so you can enjoy your garden, even after the kids have gone to bed.

Be prepared

If you do begin to venture out, make sure you are prepared with a face covering. New rules have come into action from today in regards to where and when you should wear a face mask. At the moment, children under 11 are exempt from wearing one.

If you have a digital thermometer at home, it can be handy just for checking up on the family and making sure everyone stays safe. Don’t forget that a digital thermometer also requires batteries to work effectively, so make sure it’s working properly before you give a wrong diagnosis!

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