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Why Choose Ansmann?

Ansmann is a German battery and power solutions brand that is now known across the world; an impressive feat for a company that was started in a garage in the early 1990s.

Since then, the company has become a market leader with innovative power solutions for every device. Starting as a one-man company in Assamstadt, the founder had a vision to make the future mobile. But what does this have to do with you?

Everyone uses batteries; whether it’s to power the clock on the wall, the TV remote or your car key fob. Without devices like these, your life would be very different. Finding the right batteries to power these everyday devices, as well as more industrial applications, is key to meeting your needs.

Today, Ansmann is a worldwide innovator known for setting global high standards in battery technology and product ranges.

Ansmann logo

Modern batteries from a leading manufacturer

Ansmann have been developing and producing high quality products including rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and torches for more than 25 years. With production sites, logistics centres and offices across the world, they are one of the leading providers for mobile energy.

Offering both consumer goods and tailor-made solutions for industries, Ansmann prioritise quality and safety right from the start. The company even opened its own UN test centre to assure product quality from the very start.

They opened their own in-house productive facility in Assamstadt, with production continuing to expand to meet the demand for quality batteries. So, what makes Ansmann batteries so special?

Ansmann batteries and chargers

Ansmann are renowned for high capacity rechargeable batteries, able to provide power for a variety of high drain devices. This can include professional equipment like digital cameras and other photographic equipment.

The range of Ansmann rechargeable batteries have some of the highest capacities possible, including the 2850mAh AA batteries and 10,000mAh D batteries. The brand also has a range of pre-charged batteries with low self-discharge; look out for ones with the Maxe logo.

Ansmann rechargeable batteries

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, rechargeable batteries have become a must-have in order to help reduce waste. They are also a very cost-effective way to power your devices.

To complement this, Ansmann have a range of sophisticated battery chargers, designed with a number of helpful functions. From intelligent multi-function chargers to super-fast chargers, their battery chargers are quick, safe and reliable.

We have been Official Ansmann UK Distributors for over 15 years, which means great prices and fast delivery from stock.

Ansmann batteries

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